On July 29th, Omali Yeshitela (80), Chairman of the African People’s Socialist Party, was targeted in a multi-city FBI raid on several homes and offices of the Uhuru Movement.
"My wife and I were awake. We were sitting at the dining room table discussing how we were going to be moving for the day. She is responsible for, has organized a doula program to train African women, young women, in becoming doulas. This is in a city where in the first year of life, enough Black babies die to fill 15 kindergarten classes every year. So, we were talking about that. And I actually was preparing to go to the gym..."
"I haven’t heard a single — anything about flashbang grenades going off at Trump’s place. I haven’t heard any flashbang grenades going off on any of those people climbing the walls of the Capitol. And the fact is that the FBI is being used as a political instrument. And certainly, that’s happened with us. And I can’t speak to the former president of United States, except to say that there’s an obvious contest that’s happening between different sectors of the colonial ruling class in this country. And they would, if they could, lump us into their beef, their struggle. But we are fighting for the liberation of Black people, the unification and liberation of Africa, and we ain’t gonna stop."
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