We CAME from CA to ME 
Seeking less stress
more for less
A chance to enhance this opportunity to nest
 Grow roots on our Oak-tree near Spruces and Pines
 A star to reflect how we both are aligned
 A reprieve from the hamster wheels of nickels and dimes
 From the Silicon Valley that was flooded with crimes
 The gun points and tip toes of walking the lines
 A safe passage to freedoms that lived only in our minds
 To inhale fresh air without smoke from the vines
 A leap of faith into this unknown the beautiful divine
From tragedy riddled streets as we choked in our primes
 The greed, drought and illnesses all signs of a time 
 It was time.
C A sky full of birds and an ocean Lobster boats
 to M E E T home
Welcomed from the Golden Gate
To vacationland we needed a break from the overstimulation of noises and perpetual maidens and Peter Pans.
We paid Attention too much without a return on our investments and set our sights on the land of this lands original people’s
From the Ohlone to the Wabanaki
From the Spanish Presidios, greedy gold rushes, and great migrants back to the trickery of the French & British colonization
We returned with similar hopes to attain life, liberty and the pursuit of prosperity, property, and happiness
From our union we planted a beautiful seed of hope with new ideas and a new generation, a new Mainer
Born into a lineage of educators, scientists, social workers, warriors, activists, change and freedom makers, sailors, and people who move mountains with faith…
We CAME from California to Maine and brought all of our ancestors along from their various journeys
from Sea to shining Sea and back again… 
from the blood shed of innocence and ignorance to
the place strangers were once welcomed before
 they spread like cancer
Seeking a better life like so many more before us
To find our path along the tracks that led so many to freedom
To reinvent ourselves in the Whitest state that once purged itself of color
after crafting merchant ships for enslavement to now trolling the bottoms for its greatest export​​​​​​​
 Like the native lands in between,
Woodie Guthrie lied…
This land was and is Wabanaki
To acknowledge that alone is not enough
Lights, Camera…
Action is what we need.
We CAME from CA to ME
To write a new chapter
To right old wrongs
Full circle
On our Destiny Manifest
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